Acquisition & Development


Lowenbaum REP is actively seeking new investment opportunities for our firm and its clients. As active players in the industrial market, we have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the real estate and the economics of the investment. We take pride in selecting properties that will fit the specialized needs of the industrial tenant; from manufacturing to R&D to distribution.

We specialize in uncovering unseen value in older, obsolete facilities and restructuring tenant occupancies to provide more income from the project. We have been involved in converting single tenant to multi-tenant, raising ceiling heights, designing spec warehouses and converting industrial space to office use.


Our clients value the ability to customize solutions to fit their needs. Throughout our history, the principals of Lowenbaum REP have developed projects that fit the unique requirements of our clients while providing ownership with an asset that will appreciate in value.

Our philosophy in developing real estate is flexibility. Although bricks and mortar are fixed, markets change and tenant’s needs are always in flux. Our understanding of the demand side of the market allows us to develop facilities that meet a wider variety of tenant profiles and create a lower vacancy rate. Built-in flexibility costs less to deliver and allows our properties to compete for more tenants. We use our practical knowledge of the way companies occupy buildings and our strong construction background to develop unique cost-effective solutions.